Grants and Sponsor Acknowledgements

Grants and Sponsor Acknowledgements


Planning Grant: Engineering Research Center for Adaptive and Resilient Coastal Infrastructure (CARCI) (PI: D. Cox) National Science Foundation
Greens Bayou Watershed Analysis and Resiliency Planning (PI: P. Bedient) Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium
Planning Grant toward a Center of Excellence for Resilience of Industrial and Energy Infrastructure (CERISE) Rice University Creative Ventures Fund
Learning from Harvey: Temporal Evolution of Flooding and Transportation Accessibility Rice Houston Engagement and Recovery Effort (HERE)
Supplement to Collaborative Research: Numerical and Probabilistic Modeling of Aboveground Storage Tanks Subjected to Multi-Hazard Storm Events National Science Foundation
Coupled Flood Alert System and Infrastructure Risk Modeling for White Oak Bayou Houston Solutions Lab
Severe Storm Prediction, Education and Evacuation from Disasters (SSPEED) Center (PI: P. Bedient) Houston Endowment
Simulation of the Release and Fate of Petrochemical Materials from Aboveground Storage Tanks Following Severe Storms in Houston (PI: Griffin) Rice University Creative Ventures Fund
Collaborative Research: Numerical and Probabilistic Modeling of Aboveground Storage Tanks Subjected to Multi-Hazard Storm Events (Collaborator: Dawson) National Science Foundation
Infrastructure Sustainability in a Coastal Setting: Post-Doctoral Support Shell Center for Sustainability
Collaborative Research: Novel Fractional Order Ground Motion Intensity Measures for High Confidence Risk Assessment of Distributed Infrastructures (Collaborator: Shafieezadeh) National Science Foundation
PIRE-Coastal Flood Risk Reduction Program: Integrated, multi-scale approaches for understanding how to reduce vulnerability to damaging events (PI: Brody) National Science Foundation
NHERI Cyberinfrastructure 2015-2020 (PI: Rathje) National Science Foundation
Risk and Resilience along Houston's Ship Channel: Uncovering Links between Vital Social, Environmental and Physical Systems Shell Center for Sustainability
NIST Center of Excellence: Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning (PI: van de Lindt) National Institute of Standards and Technology
SSPEED Center Funding for Gate Design and Coastal Resiliency (PI: Bedient) Houston Endowment (SSPEED Center)
CAREER: A Risk-Based Model to Achieve Sustainable Solutions for Bridge Infrastructure Subjected to Multiple Threats National Science Foundation (CMMI-1055301)


The Stress Nexus of Coastlines: Population Development, Infrastructure Security, and Morphological Dynamics of the Upper Texas Gulf Coast (PI: Nittrouer) Shell Center for Sustainability
Prioritizing and Selecting Bridge Management Actions for Heightened Truck Loads and Natural Hazards in Light of Funding Allocation Patterns National Science Foundation (CMMI-1234690)
Probabilistic Multi-Hazard Assessment of Dry Cask Structures (PI: Ayoub) Department of Energy (NEUP)
Hurricane Ike: Lessons Learned and Steps for the Future -- Phase II (PI: Bedient) Houston Endowment (SSPEED Center)
NEESR-CR: Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings (PI: DesRoches) National Science Foundation (CMMI-1041607)
MRI-R2: Acquisition of Data Analysis and Visualization Cyber-Infrastructure for Computational Science and Engineering (PI: Levander) National Science Foundation (OCI-0959097)
IDEA: Shape Memory Alloy Enhanced SMART Bridge Expansion Joints NCHRP/National Academy of Science (NCHRP-147)
Severe Storm Prediction Education and Evacuation from Disasters (SSPEED) Center Proposal to the Houston Endowment (PI: Bedient) Houston Endowment (SSPEED Center)
Lifeline Sustainability: A Comprehensive Coastal Flood Warning and Evacuation System (PI: Bedient) Shell Center for Sustainability
ARRA/NSF: IT-Enabled Continuous Risk Assessment of Bridge Networks for Customized and Actionable Multi-Hazard Interventions National Science Foundation (CMMI-0928493)
Hurricane Ike: Lessons Learned and Steps for the Future (PI: Bedient) Houston Endowment (SSPEED Center)
Feasibility Studies for Improving Caltrans Fragility Relationships (PI: DesRoches) California Department of Transportation
Infrastructure Development for Advanced Nanocomposites (PI: Barrera) UTC/Air Force Research Lab
Large Scale Validation of Innovative SMA Recentering Devices for Multi-Span Bridges (PI: DesRoches) National Science Foundation (CMMI-0526889)